Create Your Signature Website

Your signature website plan will lead you to have a site that engages your tribe and makes you stand out from your competitors. Open the window to your business.

The secret… Make site a window that allows your customer to see the reflection of your business’ energy and shine;  your brand, your product and your services.

Module 1 : Create Your Strategy

This coaching session is to analyze your business. You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Seize your opportunities and challenges to create your unique signature branding and ideal website.

Module 2 : Write Your SEO Content

This coaching will teach you basic SEO, you will make a list of your industry’s keywords. You will learn about SEO copywriting; how to use titles, subtitles, and paragraphs to your advantage to make your website searchable.

Module 3 : Design Your Website's Look and Feel

Learn how to create the look and feel of your website. You will get coaching to help you with color combinations, the type of graphics that best suit your business and website, optimization techniques, as well as diverse designing trends for your industry.

Module 4 : Choose Your Website Platform and Features

In this coaching sessions you will learn  the basics to decide the best platform and CMS for your website. You will get a guide to decide on the best hosting for your needs. You will be able to perform a comparison between hosting services to decide to decide wisely before paying any money.

You can purchase sessions of 60 minutes or 30 minutes. Get the sixth one hour coaching session free.

Monica Paul


Monica has 20+ years of experience providing marketing services to companies of all sizes.

In 2013, her business Marcomtec evolved to deliver digital marketing, web plan, web audit, SEO and web development services.

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