Create your Signature Website

Open the Window to Your Business so that Your Tribe Can See You!

Private Coaching with Monica Paul. You choose the topic and the amount of hours.

Create the professional Website Plan that makes your business energy shine. 

Create the website plan that suits your business and speak to your clients directly from your heart.

Your questions, your path, your rythm.

Create your Strategy

Reflect the value of your products and services on your website. Create a brand that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Design Your Website's Look and Feel

Choose the best colors and layout for your website. Make it friendly and engaging. Add your signature!

Write your SEO Content

Copywriting and SEO techniques for an engaging and searchable website.

Choose Your Platform and Features

Decide the ideal platform for your website and make it functional. What do you want your site to do? What should it show to your clients?

Become an Expert Web Planner and SAVE!

Developers are expecting you to give them the content, image and a plan of your website.

Give your developer everything @he needs to create your dream website.

By giving your developer a complete plan, you get your site done faster and cheaper.

SAVE! A Website Plan may cost at least $3,000

Learn by Doing

Step-by-step, your coaching sessions may be hands-on of your own website project!

Your coaching sessions may be on the phone or on Zoom. You can choose to work with Monica on your website plan.  Enjoy the creative process.

Make Your Presence Strong

Add your signature to your website. Make it a reflection of your unique personality and brand. Stand out from your competition.

Make your visitors feel your energy. Make them fall in love with your products and services.

Achieve your goals

No one better than you know what your website needs to do.

What are your business goals? Show them like never before. Open that huge window to your business!

Your site can help you to share information, get registrants, sell products and services.

Get yourself a productive website!

I started like you and ended up developing websites!

Several years ago I was desperately looking for someone to help me with my website. I learned the lesson the tough way. To create a signature engaging site, you need a plan; without it, a website may become an isolated and useless island on the Web.

I ended up creating my site myself. I loved it and adopted these activities. Today I am richly rewarded for building websites.

Monica Paul, CEO Marcomtec


Do you have questions? Here we have answers.

It’s understandable; you may have dozens of questions, here we share some answers.

Don’t hesitate, planning your website gives hundreds of benefits.

Do I need to have technological skills?

Not at all! You don’t need to be a technician or an Internet expert to plan a website.

Do I need a domain name and host?

Not yet. You will learn about that during the course; you will get some tips and tricks to make the most of your domain name and host.

Can I contact you?

Of course! If you have specific questions you may send me an email to monica (at) marcomtec dot com. Or call me at +1 954 828 2199.

What if I don't have a brand?

If you don’t have a brand, our first class will help you to create it. Have your questions ready, you will get specific tips and tricks to develop your business signature.

Do I need a professional developer?

You will decide. The latest technologies make it easy for users to develop their websites. It all depends on your will to surf the developer dashboard.

How can I make sure I will succeed with my website?

Always remember, your website is a tool to engage clients for your business; it could be the core of a digital marketing strategy. It is an open window to your business. But your site is not your business.

Create your Signature Website

Open the window to your business.

Create your Signature Blog

Engage thousands of readers with a blog with personality.

Let’s Begin!

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